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Meet Our Team

Meet our excellent team working behind the scenes of CCW Europe Digital and our market leading event series. Connect the team on Linkedin below, as well as on the Official Linkedin page which can be found here.

We look forward to connecting with you all soon and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch here!


Kiera Martin - Event and Digital Production Manager

I’m Kiera and I manage CCW Europe’s Event and Digital production. I design our conference portfolio and have the pleasure of working closely with our end-user community. My role includes market research, agenda creation and speaker faculty management. 

Connect with me on Linkedin here ahead of our next event.



Amy Tuvey - Marketing and Communications Manager

Hi! I'm Amy and I am the Marketing and Communications Manager for the CCW Europe Event Series and Digital platform. I manage attendee and community communications and engagement including email, advertising, social media and external partnerships. 

Looking forward to connecting with you all soon, in the meantime connect with me on Linkedin here.


Olivia Timmins - Divisional Marketing Director

My name is Olivia and I’m Divisional Marketing Director at CCW Europe. I manage the member and attendee communications as well as our strategic approach to building the CCW Europe Digital community.

Connect with me on Linkedin here for more on our upcoming activities.


Serece Hannon - Sponsorship Manager

I’m Serece, CCW Sponsorship Manager and based in London. I’m responsible for connecting CCW’s Sponsor partners with active prospects in the market, boosting pipeline and creating demand for their solutions. 

If you're interested in partnering with CCW Europe Digital, or would just like some more information, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin here.


James Mason - Senior Client Relationship Manager

Hi, I’m James Mason and I am responsible for building and maintaining good relationships with clients throughout the CCW community. I work closely with each delegate to understand their key challenges and help to create them a personalised experience to ensure they get the most value throughout the event. Get in touch via Linkedin here and I look forward to connecting with you.


Aaron Harding - Client Relationship Manager

I'm Aaron and I’m part of the Client Relationship team at CCW Europe, working to connect industry professionals with our range of unique interactive groups and closed-door discussions alongside our flagship events. If you're interested in attending or joining one of our discussions, connect with me on Linkedin here and I'd be happy to help.