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About CCW Europe Digital

CCW Europe Digital is an online community and research hub of more than 150,000 professionals. Created as a partner of the Customer Contact Week Digital community, this chapter responded to our members call for insights on the growing customer management challenges and opportunities unique to the European market.

CCW Europe provides the customer contact community with:

  • In-depth research helping you to overcome specific challenges facing customer contact professionals across Europe.
  • Thought-leading interviews with senior customer contact executives from leading European brands, sharing insights on their customer operations.
  • Webinars and online events featuring key European case studies and presentations that will help you deliver market-leading omni-channel customer service and digital experiences.
  • Comprehensive analysis of how you can harness the latest technology in automation, analytics and more to ensure your business is at the cusp of innovation.
  • Networking opportunities across our engaged European community to help you to build a powerful network of like-minded professionals.

As the organiser of the European flagship of the largest global customer contact event series, we welcome you to join us. Meet with these senior professionals as they look to elevate and transform their Customer Management strategies and futureproof their approach in this challenging time. You can register your interest here.

Registering for CCW Digital EUROPE is free with the following benefits:

  • Unique reports on hot trending topics including omni-channel, customer sentiment, journey mapping, automation, & digital transformation.
  • Market studies with in-depth research on what customers want & customer contact leaders need.
  • Newsletter updates providing fresh articles, podcasts, blogs, how-to guides, leader profiles & more.
  • Webinars with C-level speakers discussing pivotal customer contact topics and innovative insights.
  • Special access to CCW Europe online and physical events. Contact us to learn more about contributor opportunities: Amy.tuvey