Who could have imagined the new decade would start in such a turbulent and distressing way?

Who could have imagined the new decade would start in such a turbulent and distressing way? As the entire world and multiple companies learn to cope at these unprecedented times; customer service and front line workers have been key in providing stability and the assurance that is most needed. They have been working under tremendous pressure to ensure they continue delivering for their customer, upholding the company image and brand promise. It is also crystal clear that the customer experience and customer service functions will see the most impact, not only in their immediate ways of responding to the current situation but also in a much more profound and long-term way of rethinking their operating model and building their business continuity plans.

The current crisis will lead all businesses to rethink and reimagine the future of work and how we can support our customers and employees at difficult times like these. Companies that have invested heavily in digital technologies and are ahead in digital transformation will see themselves better positioned to adapt to remote working, having fully functioning and connected digital channels to support their customer needs.

More than ever before, organisations will aggressively push for their digital agenda and continue to innovate and in order to ensure they are as prepared as they can be for uncertain times like this.

On a more positive note, it is clear that the current crisis has also brought us all together as we realise the importance of meaningful relationships. As businesses and companies, we can all reflect and learn from this: to embed the human touch in their customer strategy and make each and every interaction count as moments of truth. We have also seen countless leaders stand up to show true leadership at times like this, putting their people first when making difficult business decisions. We have no doubt that businesses who have a true customer vision, are equipped with advanced technologies and genuinely focus on their people will come out on the other end stronger than ever.

Leading with these key themes, CCW Europe will continue to bring together Europe’s most progressive CX and customer contact leaders - leaders who are relentlessly driving customer centricity, innovating and disrupting through new technologies, as well as transforming their culture for improved performance.

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  • Evaluate emerging technologies and innovations that will boost your CX and customer contact strategies

We are also committed to make CCW Europe 2020 “unforgettable” to a whole different level… Joining our 100+ practitioner speakers from Europe’s leading brands and companies is a true legend who will address our audience to divulge on his fantastic achievements: Michael Johnson! Join Europe’s best and brightest in CX and customer contact this October in Barcelona!