Instructions on Joining The Event: CCW Europe

Step 1. Go to the event website:

Please use Firefox and ensure you are outside any internal systems such as Citrix

Step 2. Click the ‘sign in’ button which is located at the top of the right hand side of the page.

Step 3. Using your email address and CCW Digital password sign in.

a. Your email address will be the one used to register for the event

b. If this is your first time accessing CCW Digital and you do not have a password select ‘Forgot your password?’ which will trigger a reset email so you can set your first password

c. If you are not receiving password reset emails please contact and a password can be manually set for you. 

Step 4. Once logged in you can personalise your account, add a photo and biography, or as much detail as you prefer.

Step 5. Click ‘My Events’ on the menu on the top left to access the event you are attending

Step 6. Here you should see the CCW Europe event. Click ‘View’, which will also show ‘Join the Event’ when you mouse over. Click to access the event

Step 7. The landing page for the event is the 'Activity Stream’.

Step 8. Navigate to the Agenda tab just below (looks like a calendar icon) 

Step 9. The Agenda tab will open on the first webinar, with the rest of the webinars appearing as tabs along the top. Select the session to view. Sessions are watched through the agenda, both live and on-demand by selecting ‘Join’ (currently showing 'Upcoming Session' as this is pre-event).

Please note: When the video/presentation loads the audio will be muted. In the bottom right hand corner click the icon to unmute.