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CCW – The Future Customer (Invite-Only)

The CCW Europe Executive Access Days are open exclusively to Customer Contact and CX senior executives (Director and above) to closed and focused discussions. 

Over the course of 2 engaging modules, tailored for senior-executives, we will take a deep dive into what the future of Customer Interactions towards 2030 and beyond. These exclusive sessions will host high-level discussions to further your business strategies.

Join these two insightful days as we explore:

How will we innovate in order to deliver the seamless Omni-channel experience that Customers come to expect?

What will the Contact Centre of the future resemble?

How will automation expand what we thought was possible and help drive efficiencies and quality?

How will we better manage and leverage data and drive a culture of data-driven decision making?

Featured Speakers

Mindy Davidowski

Mindy Davidowski

Vice President, Product - Global Customer Acquisition & Early Tenure Journeys

American Express

Millie Gillon

Millie Gillon

Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Client Experience

Standard Chartered Bank

Mark Billingham

Mark Billingham

Group Customer Care & CX Director (COO Financial Services)

The Very Group

Donna Czyzewski

Donna Czyzewski

Head of Customer Contact Centres


Jess Johnson

Jess Johnson

Head of Customer Contact


Tracy Kennedy

Tracy Kennedy

Director of Customer Service


Keynote Presentation – The Omni-channel Experience of the Future (13:00)

The Customer relations of the future can be deeper and richer, across a wider range of channels, some of which may not even exist yet. How do we prepare for this? How will this allow us to enhance the relationship?

We know that this strategy works - companies with strong Omni-channel engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers.

How can we ensure that the quality of the experience is homogenous across all of the channels?

Keynote Presentation – Digital Acquisition Transformation: Scaling to Meet Compliance & Business Needs (13:45)

More Omni-channel interactions will allow for a great range of data points to be collected, monitored and intelligently analyzed. How will this allow us to deepen customer feedback?

Using Machine Learning to discover patterns in giant datasets will allow more fires to be put out before they start burning.

Leveraging the insights from these data pools will allow for an enhanced and more personalized experience, tailored to the individual customers’ needs.

Interactive Discussion Group – The Connected Customer (14:30)

After listening to the experts discuss Omni-channel and analytics, we now open the discussion to all:

The future Customer Service is through a range of channels, what does the road to a holistic Omni-channel approach look like in your business?

How can analytics be used intelligently to divide resources into the different channels?

What challenges do we envisage encountering on the journey to a complete Omni-experience? How can we mitigate these problems?

Keynote Presentation – Transforming Contact to be Digitally Personal  (13:00)

Contact Centre’s have, for the most part, been used as a reactionary tool to put out fires. The Centre of the future will be predictive, cognitive and prescriptive. What does the roadmap to that point look like?

How will this allow Centres of the future to expand capabilities and deliver new levels of value to the business?

What will the make-up look like? The rise of virtual agents, Chatbots and value-add agents.

Keynote Panel – Automation – A new Era of Customer Service (13:45)

This keynote panel will discuss how automation will dramatically shake up the Customer Service space and change the nature of the industry for good
Workflow Automation, Cognitive AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots – what could this future look like?

What role will the human agent play in the future?

This relationship needs to be symbiotic, but how do we ensure that the people’s skillsets – creativity and imagination are promoted during this transition period?

The roadmap to an automated future – Centre of Excellence or Shared Services?

Interactive Discussion Groups – The Customer Contact Fantasy (14:45)

After listening to the expert-panelists discuss automation, we now open the discussion to all:

What does the roadmap for automation look like in your business? Low-hanging fruits or straight in at the deep-end?

Does this future excite you? Does it make you feel anxious? What issues do you see arising?

What must we focus on to ensure a symbiotic human/machine relationship is nurtured to maximize efficiencies?

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